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For over one hundred thirty years the rotating shaft mechanism in associate degree engine has been unchanged til now. The CV Engine could be a “power conversion” technology that's a paradigm shift turning this recent technology on its head leading to market disruption! merely place, the CV Engine converts linear motion to motility and contrariwise with abundant larger mechanical potency.

The CV Engine can revolutionize the car, aviation, marine and general transportation industries. The CV Engine “power conversion” technology will replace any rotating shaft to boost the planning of compressors, vacuum pumps, liquid pumps, hydro-generators, air motors or alternative devices that aren't fabricated nevertheless. There are actually many uses for the CV “power conversion” technology.


The CV Engine is smaller, lighter, additional economical and creates less pollution than any rotating shaft engine of equal bore and stroke. whereas the CV Engine will run on fossil fuel with very little to no emissions it'll conjointly run on normal business and military fuels. The high potency of the CV Engine could recommend a review of the adverse environmental impact of battery operated vehicles.

THE CV ENGINE IS proprietary within the us furthermore AS FOREIGN COUNTRIES AND is offered FOR LICENSE

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